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Fruta Dulce Mermelada en Postre


We create memorable experiences

Our products generate smiles and memories for life.
Fruta Dulce

We are from
Costa Rica

Our company is 100% Costa Rican and our portfolio includes a variety of products manufactured with the best fruits in Costa Rica.
Fruta Dulce Costa Rica
Fruta Dulce Piña

The best natural ingredients in Costa Rica

We export the Tricopilia and Kaleia products to North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

We also work private label for clientes in Canada, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Our portfolio includes an extensive variety of products.

Tricopilia and Kaleia are leaders in Costa Rica’s food industry, more than 50 products represent our brands.

We work under strict quality standards.

Fruta Dulce FSSC 22000
Fruta Dulce Mermelada

We believe in social corporate responsibility

Our products are made with 100% Costa Rican fruits. We obtain our fruits directly from Costa Rican’s growers, in different zones of the country, including indigenous territories.

Food Safety Policy

In Fruta Dulce de Costa Rica S.A. we are committed to produce high quality food that guarantees its safety for human consumption. To this end, our company has developed and operates according to a Food Safety Management System FSSC22000 that includes objectives, processes, technologies and practices that prevent any adverse effects, motivated or not, on the health of consumers.

We work under the philosophy of continuous improvement, in direct contact with our customers and other interested parties, with constant communication and training of our staff, as well in compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements in food safety, with the goal of satisfying our consumers.