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Fruta Dulce Tricopilia Doypacks
Fruta Dulce Tricopilia

A bite of
tradition and flavor

Tricopilia, the original since 1930
Fruta Dulce Guayaba

The Original Jam

Tricoplia has been part of the tradition and identity of Costa Rica since 1930, with it’s emblematic guava paste. It has delighted whole generations and has became the favorite brand of Costa Rica.

Our products are made with the best fruits of Costa Rica under the most strict standards of quality and safety. This assures the best flavors for our consumers.

Tricopilia products are jams, fruit pastes, sport bars, bakery fillings and toppings; made with 100% fruits from Costa Rica. Tricopilia is ideal for any occasion.
Fruta Dulce

SINCE 1930


Our fruits come directly from local growers in different zones of Costa Rica, assuring the highest quality and richest flavor.
Fruta Dulce Guayaba

Our guavas are grown in the heights of the Chirripo mountain.

Fruta Dulce Fresa

Our strawberries are grown in the foothills of the main volcanoes in Costa Rica.

Fruta Dulce Piña

Our pineapples are grown in the Caribbean zone of our country.

Fruta Dulce Uvas

Our blackberries are grown in the mountain valley of Los Santos.

Fruta Dulce Mermelada de Fresa

Ideal for all occasions

Our jams, fruit paste, snacks, bakery fillings and other Tricopilia products are practical and easy to combine.

Practical and easy to combine, to take along as snacks or pick me-ups.