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Fruta Dulce Mermelada de Guayaba Kaleia
Fruta Dulce Kaleia

natural brand

Premium brand, 100% natural, low sugar, low calories, gluten free and functional.
Fruta Dulce Piñas

Premium Jam

Kaleia represents the premium brand of Fruta Dulce, with tropical flavors and exotic mixes.

Our Kaleia jams are 100% natural, gluten free, low sugar, low calories, no preservatives, no colorants and no artificial flavors. The best brand for your health and nutrition.

Fruta Dulce



Carreta Fruta Dulce

Kaleia’s natural products are made from Costa Rican fruits.

The design and traditional painting of the Costa Rican oxcarts are the inspiration for Kaleia. The beautiful typical oxcarts represent a culture of vibrant colors and joyful combinations, just like the flavor of Kaleia jams. The design is based on the tropical tones that reminds us of flowers and fruits, which symbolize peaceful, hard-working and joyful people.

Fruta Dulce Guayaba

Our guavas are grown in the heights of the Chirripo mountain.

Fruta Dulce Fresa

Our strawberries are grown in the foothills of the main volcanoes in Costa Rica.

Fruta Dulce Piña

Our pineapples are grown in the Caribbean zone of our country.

Fruta Dulce Coco

Our coconut comes from the beautiful Costa Rican Atlantic.

Fruta Dulce Maracuyá

Our passion fruit comes from the warm zones of Costa Rica.

Fruta Dulce Mermelada

Ideal for all occasions

Kaleia jams are an excellent nutritional complement for those who wish to follow a healthy lifestyle.

¡It is the ideal product! Low calorie, low sugar, gluten free and 100% natural.